Consulting e Management 

Axo Management


Siamo una società di consulenza aziendale, leader in tutta Europa e sinonimo di garanzia. Ci piace contribuire alla realizzazione di un sogno ottenendo risultati duraturi.


It provides client-oriented consultancy services, focused on transferring knowledge and working methods for financial viability and growth, through real services. An approach followed by many entrepreneurs in their path towards growth and internationalization and by tens of companies along the road to success.
It has been actively working in the field of the provision of public organizational development services since 2007.
Carrying out systematic market studies, it identifies appropriate development methods for achieving the objectives that have been set and the best strategies and the most suitable investment methodologies for clients, whether public or private entities.
Types of services provided: Firm management: Expert consultants and the company owner work together to support a marked management change, to manage a new business, to incorporate, even temporarily, new personnel, or to strengthen professional experts training through tailor-made training courses for the achievement of business objectives.
Operational strategic plans: To respond adequately to the challenges of globalization, a training to monitor the sector to which the undertaking belongs and the competitive advantage analysis are needed.
The inclusion in specific area that are close to the undertaking’s core-business and investments encouraging diversification in line with medium-to long-term structural plans.
Business reorganisation and viability Appropriate measures for a firm in difficulties are needed, in order to implement a rescue and debt restructuring plan, obtaining prior consensus of clients, suppliers and funding partners. Our company works together with the undertaking in the development of financial and business plans and relationships with banks.
Temporary Management: One or more managers make temporarily management commitments in an undertaking’s Board of Directors, depending on the objectives to be pursued. It represents a successful solution pursuing the objective of regulating the generational handing down of a company, or to tackle the huge changes a company may experience, due to exceptional occurrences internal or external to the undertaking.
Corporate agreements and funding research: Objectives and practical means are set out for a harmonious development of corporate relations, within programs to support entrepreneurial growth. For the implementation of projects of an innovative nature funding and partner research is fostered.
International tax consultancy services: Senior tax professionals intervene in the optimization of costs, international tax and corporate assistance.
Process of corporatization taking place in the public sector: The management objectives of an administration in the public sector should be consistent with the needs of the community in order to achieve optimum results; succeeding in this, strongly depends on to what extent the behavior of bureaucracies complies with the objectives to be pursued, in accordance with the provisions of applicable law. Training, budgeting, incentive systems as well as new methodologies are instruments used.