AXO-ECO Environment

Foresee what the market will need tomorrow, being ready to address the need when it will arise 

Wind Energy

Wind energy is nowadays one of the most attractive types of energy from renewable sources, using instruments and techniques that have the least possible impact on the environment.


Producing biogas for cogeneration of heat and electricity have already proved its worth and is possible at present under advantages conditions, using tried and trust technology, especially for agricultural and livestock undertakings.\r\n


The sun is our primary source of light, energy, heat, essential for our life and that of all the other human beings. It may become the new energy source for tomorrow, being free and renewable.

Municipal solid waste (RSU) (MSW)

Awareness of environmental issues is growing in recent years, a new mindset coming into play, based on full waste reuse and recycling.

Waste water treatment

Focus on the biological waste water treatment, providing the design and implementation of sewage treatment plants, which exploit sewage sludge, developing a specific bacterial flora

Rehabilitation of industrial sites

The optimum combination of technological know-how and the ability to address environmental challenges allows to develop the most appropriate solutions for environmental protection and human health.